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Lewis Clay

Singer - Actor - Director at Our Lady Valentine

"Music for the here and now... Crank it up and enjoy."

- Get Ready To Rock


Idle Hands

Cheaper than a festive Starbucks

Twice as bad for you

IDLE HANDS - Cover art.jpg




Idle Hands is the brand new truth-spitting, ear-bursting, hard rockin' e.p. from southwest London singer, actor and musical director Lewis Clay.

Recorded amidst a backdrop of the great lockdown of 2020, Lewis's latest offering combines the clawing of window panes to the beat of sociopolitical issues of the day.

Making music to make sense of a world gone mad, this latest collection awakens into the extraordinary melodies between the confusion, fear and anger that rest in heavy heart, awaiting the hopeful dawn that lays ahead.


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[ Lewis Clay ] I'll Be There - Promo
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